Where the Wild Beers Are

Crazy Craft Brews - An Exploration Into the Realm of Unique Beer

For millions, the term beer refers only to a handful of types. Be it light, amber or dark, many believe this to be a drab industry filled with limited options. This may have been true for decades, but with the rise of craft breweries across the nation, beer drinkers have a myriad of choices. Want a beer that tastes like banana nut bread? How about a stout with vibrant hues of chocolate and berries? In the modern beer industry, there are no limits.

A Delicious Oddity - Unique and Strange Craft Brews

The modern beer connoisseur has quite the adventure ahead of him. Craft breweries are pushing the envelope with flavors, and the results are delicious strange. The following craft beers is just sampling of what's available on the market.

Mama Mia Pizza Ale - Considered the "World's First Culinary Beer", this beer, bottled by Tom Seefurth's Brewery, is a delicate balance between two late-night delicacies - pizza and beer. Made with all the ingredients that make a great pizza, eat sip delivers a refreshing hue of tomatoes, garlic and a host of spices. While it may seem strange at first, with an ever-growing list of rave reviews, even the most refined beer palate will find this concoction interesting and delicious.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout - There are few flavors you wouldn't expect to be found bottled in a stout. Rocky Mountain Oysters, or bull testicles, more than likely tops this list; however, the Wynkoop Brewing took it upon themselves to show just how versatile beer can be. Known for their hand-crafted, artisan beers, Wynkoop broke the mold with the creation of this bold, complex beer. Its meaty flavor is delicately combined with seven specialty malts and an artistically developed recipe filled with roasted barley, the finest hops and, of course, 25 pounds of bull testicles. Its sweet smell and dark, light essence has gained praise from the beer world's top critics.

Duck Duck Drunk Porter - Who doesn't enjoy a nice slice of duck for an elegant dinner? Thanks to Breakside Brewery, you can now enjoy the savory sensations of duck in your favorite beer mug. This finely crafted beer hits your tongue with hues of dark chocolate highlighted by an undertone of gamey duck meat. The chocolate overtones prevents the "meaty" flavor from overpowering drinkers. Meticulously balanced, this porter pours well and is a treat for the senses.

Wild Wild Brett Violet - Not all unique beers feature hues of animal parts. Some, such as this beer developed by Crooked Stave, fills your mouth with a wonderfully complex flavors. Fermented with 100% Brettanomyces yeast, each sip fills your mouth with fruity and floral elements derived from lavender, passion flower and pomegranate. Its light color and tropical aroma delivers a tartness highlighted with a slight touch of malt sweetness.


The Sky's the Limit - Become a Beer Explorer The aforementioned beers is only a sampling of what's on the current market. The true joy of this beverage is its versatility. Stop settling on traditional beers, and take on a new taste adventure. You never know what you'll find in the craft beer aisle - and that's half the fun!