Tips to Starting a Beer Festival

We all love beer festivals, but have you ever thought about starting your own? It can be a very large undertaking, but one that can benefit your city, your charity and even your wallet. When thinking about starting this project, consider a few key points:

Event Type
A craft beer event can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. One key to a successful event is to consider what type of event that you will want to produce. Many factors will come into consideration for this, including target demographic, location, theme and budget.

The Beer
It’s obvious that beer is a key component to any beer event, but what type of beer should you have on hand? Who should you approach about finding the beer? There are different approaches you can take, include speaking directly to the brewery’s or beer distributors. Another opportunity is to work with local amateur home brewers to provide the beer.

Beer Pouring Options
When planning a beer event, there are many different ways of dispersing the beer. Many beer festivals utilize sampling tickets to control the amount of beer, but then some choose to offer a one price for unlimited beer option. Many beer events may sell individual full portions.

Beer events can be held almost anywhere. I have seen festivals held in country barns and on cruise liners. Most events are held on blocked off streets, convention/civic centers, fields or fairgrounds. Your location and the time of year will have a lot of impact on where you want to hold the event.

Promotion is the key to your successful event. Utilize a website, social networking and email marketing to get the word out. Depending on your budget, options like radio, magazine and television ads may be an option. Everyone love a beer festival, so when negotiating your ad deal, attempt to utilize inkind trade of tickets/sponsorships to get the most for your dollar.

When planning your event, your website has to be easy to use, simple yet have very detailed information about your event. This will minimize the amount of questions you will be asked leading up to the event. A professional looking website is easier than ever to set up. See Selling your events tickets is another option to feature on your site. See